i am invisible
i walk among you, unseen
i am your worst fears made flesh, the embodiment of your darkest, most depraved desires
i am invisible
i have left my mark across this land, in every generation
i share my cursed fate with you
i am invisible
i am the wolf among the sheep, the scythe among the wheat
i am your bloody end
i am invisible

1968 capital city
1966 san francisco
1934 chicago
1912 villisca

the seventh of seven, the lore made flesh

...and so it began and continues to this day. Somewhere out there is a killer who has murdered possibly dozens of people over a span of several decades.

And he thinks he is becoming... something. The notion of the killer transforming himself is obviously not a very new one. Borges and Lovecraft mention it. Thomas Harris has used it in several of his novels, famously The Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon. But this, unfortunately, wasn't just a work of fiction. It was real, and it was ugly.

The Beginning
My investigation
Investigation part 2
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